The Voyager missions

Interstellar houseInterstellar house begins on the heliopause, the place the photo voltaic wind – a circulation of charged particles launched by the solar – is just too weak to proceed pushing towards the interstellar medium, and the stress from the 2 balances out. Voyager 1 formally entered interstellar house in August 2012, and Voyager 2 joined it in November 2018.These exits had been instrumental in enabling astronomers to find out the place precisely the sting of interstellar house is, one thing that’s troublesome to measure from inside the photo voltaic system. They confirmed that interstellar house begins simply over 18 billion kilometers (about 11 billion miles) from the solar. The spacecraft proceed to ship again information on the construction of the interstellar medium.After its planetary encounters, Voyager 1 took the enduring “Pale Blue Dot” picture, displaying Earth from about 6 billion kilometers (3.7 billion miles) away. As of 2021, Voyager 1 is about 155 astronomical models (14.four billion miles) from Earth, and Voyager 2 is sort of 129 astronomical models (12 billion miles) away.The golden dataEach Voyager spacecraft has a golden phonograph document affixed to its facet, supposed as time capsules from Earth to any extraterrestrial life which may discover the probes someday within the distant future. They are inscribed with a message from Jimmy Carter, the U.S. President on the time of launch, which reads: “This is a present from a small, distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours.”The covers of the data have a number of photos inscribed, together with visible directions on find out how to play them, a map of our photo voltaic system’s location with respect to a set of 14 pulsars, and a drawing of a hydrogen atom. They are plated with uranium – its fee of decay will enable any future discoverers of both of the data to calculate after they had been created.The data’ contents had been chosen by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan. Each comprises 115 photos, together with scientific diagrams of the photo voltaic system and its planets, the natural world of Earth, and examples of human tradition. There are pure sounds, together with breaking surf and birdsong, spoken greetings in 55 languages, an hour of brainwave recordings, and an eclectic choice of music starting from Beethoven to Chuck Berry to quite a lot of folks music.

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