Post-flight interview: Astronaut’s daughter reflects on her own launch on Blue Origin

Laura Shepard Churchley shouldn’t be positive if she is now an astronaut.The eldest daughter of Alan Shepard, America’s first astronaut to fly into area, Churchley adopted in her father’s footsteps — and trajectory — lifting off on Dec. 11 aboard the New Shepard, Blue Origin’s suborbital launch car named after her dad. The 10-minute flight established Churchley because the 605th individual (and 372nd American) to soar above Earth, however she did so while not having the months- or years-long preparation her father and his fellow astronauts needed to bear.”From my experience, from sixth grade until Daddy passed away, and then after Daddy — actually, I have been aware of space and astronauts forever, and I don’t know if I feel like an astronaut,” Churchley mentioned in an interview with on Thursday (Dec. 16), 5 days after she lifted off as a visitor of Blue Origin on its New Shepard 19 (NS-19) spaceflight. “Because I didn’t train and they trained for years for their flights.”Related: Shepard vs New Shepard: How astronaut daughter’s Blue Origin launch stacks upNot that she minds others giving her the title. Upon touchdown, Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos pinned a set of the corporate’s astronaut wings on her flight go well with and she or he shall be among the many final individuals to obtain business astronaut wings as awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration. (The FAA is ending this system on the finish of the yr now that a number of U.S. corporations are sending individuals into area.)”It is fun to have people call me Astronaut Churchly and I am glad we were among the last (to get FAA wings), but I am torn, because I have a whole other definition of ‘astronaut’ because of all the astronauts I have known. So I don’t really consider myself an astronaut.”Whatever she is named now, Churchley is definite of 1 factor: she vastly loved being the primary “real Shepard” on board the New Shepard. What began as a passing remark at a gala for the 50th anniversary of her father’s Apollo 14 moon mission grew to become the expertise of her lifetime.Laura Shepard Churchley joins her New Shepard 19 crewmates, together with “Good Morning America” co-anchor Michael Strahan (to her left), to reply reporters’ questions on the touchdown pad the place their booster returned to Earth on Dec. 11, 2021. (Image credit score: recounted her flight and the occasions that led as much as it throughout two calls with collectSPACE, one which preceded and one which adopted her launch, in addition to a quick change beside her rocket inside a number of hours of her touchdown. Her feedback right here have been mixed from these conversations and edited for size and readability.collectSPACE (cS): Before we discuss in regards to the flight itself, how did you come to be invited to fly with Blue Origin?Laura Shepard Churchley: It began in June of this yr. There is a company known as Back To Space that put collectively a 50th anniversary celebration for Apollo 14, the mission when Daddy landed on the moon. The lady who began it’s the granddaughter of Stuart Roosa, who was on the Apollo 14 crew as effectively.It was throughout that celebration, after I made the remark, “Wouldn’t it be nice if a real Shepard rode on the New Shepard?” and apparently any individual knew Bezos or had a connection to him. I do not know precisely what occurred. No one has informed me, nevertheless it was on the finish of September after I acquired a name and so they requested if I needed to be on the following launch. I mentioned sure.cS: Skipping forward to just some days earlier than you have been scheduled to launch, you arrived at Blue Origin’s Launch Site One in West Texas to bear coaching. How did that go?Churchley: We had two and a half days of just about eight-hour days [of instruction] and it was extraordinarily informative. Plus, we bought to enter the simulator not less than 20 instances and run the 10-minute flight. So after I strapped into my harness on the morning of our launch, I used to be cool as a cucumber. I could not imagine I knew what was going to occur earlier than it occurred. It was similar to having one other run within the simulator. The coaching was intense, however actually price it.Laura Shepard Churchley exits Blue Origin’s New Shepard capsule simulator after a coaching run previous to her spaceflight. (Image credit score: Blue Origin)cS: I perceive that the New Shepard simulator reproduces a number of the sounds that you just expertise in flight, however what in regards to the G-forces (the power of gravity)?Churchley: They informed us about it. Going up, it was like two G’s [twice the force of gravity]. I may raise my fingers off of the armrest and I actually did not really feel it in my chest as a result of, whereas we weren’t susceptible, we we weren’t sitting straight up and that helped.Coming down, although, it was 6.5 G’s and I could not raise my arms off of the armrest. I may really feel this heavy, heavy strain on my chest. So I took as massive a breath as I may and I held it, as a result of I knew it was solely going to be like that for 30 seconds.cS: Just like your father’s launch on Freedom 7, your liftoff skilled a climate delay. Were you pissed off by the scrub?Churchley: Well, we have been informed about it throughout our coaching on the morning earlier than we have been initially scheduled to launch and so everybody was selecting up their telephones to name the individuals that they had coming in order that they may redo their schedules and it was quiet. It was simply quiet and all of us have been a bit of sad. But as quickly as we took off our flight fits and bought into our road garments, we discovered issues to do.I went for [an airplane] flight with [crewmate] Evan Dick, and our coach, Kevin, and we flew for over an hour. Evan made us weightless [by flying parabolas], which was enjoyable. And then after we returned, we went to lunch and bought a golf recreation going with [our crewmate] Michael [Strahan] and his finest good friend.The 9 gap golf course in Van Horn was closed that day, so somebody known as the mayor and the mayor went and opened the golf course for us. I’ve by no means performed a desert course earlier than. It’s a bit completely different wanting of a course than what I’m used to, however we had a beautiful time.And so the break was welcome, as a result of we had been going straight for 4 days. It was simply excellent. It’s simply what all people wanted. And then we went proper again right into a half day of coaching the following day. And then we shot off, and all people was completely content material as a result of we knew what was going to occur.cS: You talked about being “as cool a cucumber” on the day of the launch. How did your emotions that morning evaluate to 60 years in the past, when from a boarding college in St. Louis you watched your dad raise off on his first spaceflight?Churchley: It’s normally tougher for individuals on the bottom to observe a launch. I used to be within the headmaster’s home with the Dean of Girls, the Dean of Boys, the entire home moms, the principal of the varsity, the president of the company — the entire people who an eighth-grade individual didn’t wish to have to speak too lengthy. They put me on a piano bench in entrance of cute little black and white TV.And I leaned ahead actually near the tv and I mentioned, “Daddy, please don’t mess up.” But I knew he’d be fantastic. He had talked to us all through the 2 years of his coaching and I knew NASA was going to deliver him residence safely, so there was nothing for me to fret about.Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket lifts off from Launch Site One in West Texas with Laura Shepard Churchley and 5 crewmates on Dec. 11, 2021. (Image credit score: Let’s step by way of your own launch. Did the ascent meet your expectations?Churchley: The launch was very thrilling. You may really feel the power of the rocket taking off. It was simply so highly effective. That was one thing that they could not simulate in coaching. It sort of jogged my memory of driving with Daddy within the Corvette, when he’d step on the accelerator and my head would return into the chair. It was very exhilarating.The solely factor that was a bit of spooky is that it launches at an angle. It does not go straight up. And so there have been about eight seconds the place all of us have been sort of hesitant as a result of it was a sense we hadn’t had earlier than. It wasn’t going straight and so we have been a bit of involved about that, however after about eight seconds it straightened out and every thing was fantastic. [cS note: The angle is to allow the rocket to clear the tower.]cS: Next got here stage separation, when the booster dropped away out of your crew capsule. From that time on, you coasted up into area.Churchley: They tried to simulate for us the noise [of the separation], nevertheless it was so much louder. We have been anticipating a noise, so simply because it was louder did not hassle us. It was fantastic.But then we could not sense if we have been going up or we have been happening. It was as if we have been simply holding nonetheless. At least that is what it felt like. But we have been going up, so it labored out fantastic. And then weightlessness was simply actually, actually enjoyable.cS: What was your first indication that you just have been floating?Churchley: You may really feel it in your arms, they have been lifting up, in order that was the primary sensation. Then [mission control] alerted us we have been going to be weightless so get able to get out of the chair.cS: And so that you unbuckled after which what?Churchley: I let go of every thing and I used to be simply lifted up out of my seat. I then did dangle on as a result of I wasn’t positive how excessive I might go.I attempted doing a handstand, which I had tried to observe [on the ground] however I could not get my legs up as a result of it is only a small 12 ft [3.7 m] diameter. I believed possibly it could be completely different after I was weightless, and it was! All I did was put my fingers down on the armrest after which my head on the seat — I do not know the way my legs bought up within the air, however they did.And then I bought to do some somersaults. Finally, I believed I ought to look out the window. The black was simply unimaginable, it makes Earth seems so tiny. I believed presumably I might be seeing stars, however there was an excessive amount of mild, so we did not see any stars. But it’s fairly spectacular as a result of it’s inviting. You know, “Come on, get your flashlight and come out here and let me show you what I have out here…”The interview continues on collectSPACE as Churchley describes her view from area, the return to Earth and what she considered the expertise.collectSPACE is grateful to RR Auction for sponsoring protection of Blue Origin’s New Shepard-19 (NS-19) mission. The public sale home relies in New Hampshire, Alan Shepard’s residence state, and was behind the $28 million sale of the primary seat on Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch car.Follow on Facebook and on Twitter at @collectSPACE. Copyright 2021 All rights reserved.

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