Mind-blowing space volcanoes

Volcanoes have immense damaging and inventive energy. Throughout the photo voltaic system, they’re accountable for transforming the surfaces of planets and moons, which, on Earth, can imply bother. But they will additionally train us about what lies beneath a world’s exterior, and so they’re undeniably spectacular. Our new assortment of pictures of a few of our photo voltaic system’s mighty volcanoes will make you glad you reside on a comparatively calm volcanic planet. Pictured: Plumes coming from geysers on Saturn’s moon Enceladus, imaged by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Image credit score: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Gordan Ugarkovic.
One million books price of information are transmitted between Earth and spacecraft day-after-day. Badri Younes, chief of NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) program, oversees the entire course of. Younes joins this week’s Planetary Radio to speak about how information transmission applied sciences are advancing as space will get busier, and the way all this information is just actually of worth if it finally ends up instructing the general public one thing new about space.
What’s it wish to be tasked with defending the planet? Lindley Johnson joins this month’s Planetary Radio: Space Policy Edition to speak about his position as NASA’s planetary protection coordination officer. His workplace oversees the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission, launching later this month. Johnson talks about how DART represents a brand new period for the company’s Planetary Defense program after practically 25 years of convincing policymakers, worldwide companions, and even NASA that asteroid detection and deflection is a vital use of taxpayer {dollars}.
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