Looking forward to looking into deep space

The latest subject of The Planetary Report is right here! The September equinox subject is all about space telescopes, with in-depth tales on the upcoming James Webb mission, the inspiring story of citizen advocacy for the Hubble, how pictures from space telescopes encourage artwork, and far more. Planetary Society members obtain a bodily copy of the journal every quarter, however everybody can entry the digital model on-line totally free. Pictured: Engineers look at a full-sized take a look at unit of the James Webb Space Telescope’s sunshield following a profitable deployment take a look at in 2014. Image credit score: NASA/Chris Gunn.
Looking to research Mars on a dime? NASA hopes to cut back the value of exploring Mars with a mission referred to as ESCAPADE. The mission’s twin spacecraft “Blue” and “Gold” will work with orbiters already circling Mars to reply deep questions in regards to the evolution of that world’s previously thick environment and the results of photo voltaic radiation. This week on Planetary Radio we discuss to principal investigator Rob Lillis whose group on the University of California, Berkeley will ship the probes to Mars in 2024 for lower than $80 million.
How do cultural narratives affect space exploration? Social science and space outreach skilled Linda Billings joins the most recent episode of Planetary Radio: Space Policy Edition for an enchanting dialogue of the ways in which tradition shapes humanity’s efforts to discover past Earth. Plus, Planetary Society chief advocate Casey Dreier unpacks latest space coverage information, together with Blue Origin’s efforts to sue NASA.
Where are all of the aliens? That’s the massive query that the Fermi paradox and the Drake equation strive to assist us reply. The newest article from Planetary Society editorial director Jason Davis explores how these two ideas assist us perceive our place within the universe and information the seek for life past Earth.

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