Explore the Red Planet with ESA and PLAYMOBIL



We’re already exploring Mars, with two spacecraft in orbit and an formidable rover mission deliberate for launch subsequent yr – however now you possibly can take part these martian adventures with your individual PLAYMOBIL Mars Expedition!

PLAYMOBIL figures are loved by thousands and thousands of kids round the world, and the vary is joined this month by a Mars Expedition set launched in cooperation with ESA. The Expedition set comprises two PLAYMOBIL ESA astronauts, an ESA-branded Mars rover with a lightweight and sound module, a Mars trike, a drilling station, a ESA analysis laboratory, a robotic and many different extras for thrilling Mars missions.The drill is used to seek for minerals in the rocks. If astronauts uncover one thing attention-grabbing, they swap the drill attachment for the gripper arm and fastidiously decide up the object. At the analysis station, all samples are examined intimately. To cowl shorter distances, the astronauts use the manoeuvrable Mars trike. Rock samples could be stowed in the loading field at the entrance of the trike. What will the astronauts uncover throughout this expedition?

ExoMars Rosalind Franklin rover

Missions to Mars have made many thrilling discoveries which have remodeled our understanding of the planet. ESA’s Mars Express has been in orbit round Mars since 2003, and was joined by our newest spacecraft, the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter in 2016. The ExoMars mission continues with the Rosalind Franklin rover and the Russian Kazachok floor platform, deliberate for launch in 2022.The subsequent step is to convey samples to Earth for detailed evaluation in refined laboratories. ESA is working with NASA to discover mission ideas for a global Mars Sample Return marketing campaign between 2020 and 2030. Together, these missions will handle the query of whether or not life has ever existed on Mars.

“We’re already sending probes and rovers to Mars, but people will eventually go to there, and it will be the children of today who will, one day, set foot on the Red Planet,” mentioned Emmet Fletcher, head of ESA’s Branding and Partnerships Office.“Developing ESA-themed toys helps children imagine how they would explore this new world. PLAYMOBIL has been creating toys as long as ESA has been exploring space. Their enthusiasm, experience and knowhow has been critical in designing this practical, ambitious toy for children across Europe.”The Mars Expedition set might be obtainable from 17 December through numerous retailers, Amazon, and PLAYMOBIL retailers in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

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