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According to essentially the most broadly accepted theories, evolutionary biologists assert that life on Earth started roughly four billion years in the past, starting with single-celled micro organism and steadily giving option to extra advanced organisms. According to this identical evolutionary timetable, the primary advanced organisms emerged in the course of the Neoproterozoic period (ca. 800 million years in the past), which took the shape of fungi, algae, cyanobacteria, and sponges.
However, because of latest findings made within the Arctic Circle, it seems that sponges could have existed in Earth’s oceans a whole bunch of thousands and thousands of years sooner than we thought! These findings have been made by Prof. Elizabeth Turner of Laurentian University, who unearthed what might be the fossilized stays of sponges which can be 890 million years outdated. If confirmed, these samples would predate the oldest fossilized sponges by round 350 million years.

Elizabeth Turner is a Professor of Carbonate Sedimentology and Invertebrate Paleontology with the Harquail School of Earth Sciences, Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario. She can also be a area-based mostly geologist with 30 years of expertise in Canada’s Northwest Territories, who specializes within the dynamics of carbonate and shale basins courting to the Proterozoic and Paleozoic Eras. The examine that describes her analysis appeared within the July 28th difficulty of the journal Nature.
This is the skeleton of a contemporary tub sponge or attractive sponge from Greece seen below a microscope, which has an analogous construction to the fossils. Credit: Elizabeth Turner/Laurentian University
To summarize, sponges are easy lifeforms and one of the earliest varieties of multi-celled life. Genetic proof from fashionable sponges indicated that the primary sponges emerged in the course of the Neoproterozoic Era (ca. 1,000 to 541 million years in the past), however fossilized stays from this era have been missing. Turner found these fossils whereas doing fieldwork within the Mackenzie Mountain vary in Canada’s Northwest Territories as half of her Ph.D.
While this area, which borders the neighboring territory of Yukon, is a component of the Arctic Circle in the present day, it was situated in a shallow inland sea within the center of the supercontinent of Rodinia 890 million years in the past – which was a lot nearer to the equator. Turner discovered these fossilized stays whereas exploring limestone reef pockets and crevices that type within the presence of photosynthetic microbes often called cyanobacteria (aka. stromatolites).
These fossilized stays have been worm-like in look and certain shaped within the presence of calcium-carbonate-depositing micro organism, as indicated by the networks of tube-formed buildings and the presence of calcite crystals in and round them. These buildings intently resemble the fibrous skeletons which have been noticed with the trendy attractive sponge, in addition to buildings in carbonate rocks which have been attributed to the decay of these animals.
“They are truly identical to the ones that I had in my much older rocks,” stated Turner in a latest interview with the CBC. “There weren’t any other truly viable interpretations of the material.” The limestone deposits the place Turner discovered them are additionally just like the environments the place sponges dwell in the present day. Prof. Turner theorizes that the buildings might be the fossilized stays of attractive sponges that lived amongst calcium carbonate reefs 890 million years in the past.
These microscopic 890-million-yr-outdated fossils discovered within the Northwest Territories are considered the stays of an historical sponge. If that’s the case, they’d be by far the oldest animal fossils ever discovered. Credit: Elizabeth Turner/Laurentian University
For a long time, Turner puzzled over these samples and periodically returned to the Mackenzie Mountains to gather extra samples. Then, between 2014 and 2021, researchers in Germany, and the US and Korea printed analysis exhibiting how related fossils may have shaped from attractive sponges. This led Turner to conclude that the worm-like fossils could not have shaped within the presence of microbes however have been the outcome of sponges that existed 890 million years in the past.
These outcomes recommend that the evolution of early animals may have occurred independently of the “Great Oxygenation Event,” which started about 2.four to 2 billion years in the past when photosynthesis metabolized atmospheric carbon dioxide and produced molecular oxygen. For the following billion years, a lot of this oxygen was absorbed by the oceans and Earth’s crust, however by ca. 800 million years in the past, oxygen ranges are thought to have reached the purpose the place they may assist animal life.
If these buildings ought to show to be the fossilized stays of historical sponges, it may imply that the evolution of early animals occurred independently of this oxygenation occasion. In addition, the reef pockets and crevices the place they have been discovered have been too darkish for photosynthetic cyanobacteria to dwell in, so there was not prone to be competitors between the sponges and different microbes.
However, they nonetheless may have been in shut sufficient proximity that the sponges would have been capable of seize some oxygen produced by the cyanobacteria (which was in brief provide on the time). It would additionally imply that early animal life survived extreme ice ages that occurred between 720 and 635 million years in the past – in the course of the Cryogenian Era. All beforehand found samples date to durations that got here after this geological interval.
This is one of the websites within the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories. The mountains comprise limestone from large historical reefs, which is the place the fossils have been discovered. Credit: Elizabeth Turner/Laurentian University
This consists of the 574-million-yr-outdated fossils found within the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland and the leaf-like marine creature often called Dickinsonia, which is about 558 million years outdated. Since its publication, Turner’s examine has been peer-reviewed, and a number of scientists have publicly voiced assist for her findings – which is uncommon because the peer assessment course of is normally nameless.
Other researchers stay skeptical, like Jonathan Antcliffe, a paleontologist on the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in Switzerland who has disputed earlier “oldest sponge” fossil claims. There’s additionally Qing Tang, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Hong Kong, who in contrast these findings to fossils dated to 635 million and 538 million years in the past. Here too, these fossils have been considered the stays of sponges however have been later discovered to be created by microbes. As Qing informed the CBC:
“This discovery is overall very interesting. It will be a big step towards a better understanding of early animal evolution if the keratose sponge interpretation is eventually confirmed, particularly given its age… However, as is denoted in the title, these structures are best called possible sponge fossils due to relatively few characters preserved.”
Clearly, extra testing will likely be wanted to confirm Turner’s conclusions, and extra samples will doubtless must be obtained from the area for the sake of comparability. As all the time, the duty of reconstructing the historical past of Earth and organic evolution is an arduous one. But with each new discovery, the mysteries of how life emerged and advanced on our planet are slowly dispelled. This ongoing pursuit additionally aids in our seek for life elsewhere within the Solar System and (finally) the Universe.
Further Reading: CBC, Nature
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